This page is for anyone who has been notified that they have a My Graceland account including past students who had an account on the older MyInfo web site.

Know Your Graceland Provided Email Address?

If you have a Graceland provided email address, then jdoe (the part in front of the is your username. It is not your full email address. Employees with a alias email address cannot use firstname.lastname as a My Graceland username.

Know Your Graceland Network, MyInfo, or Brightspace Username?

All Graceland systems share a username. If you know your username for the network, Brightspace (D2L), or the older web site know as MyInfo, then you know your My Graceland username.

Still Need Help?

Call the TechSupport at 641-784-5400 to request your username and password. You will need to have your ID number handy. The Help Desk cannot create a My Graceland user for people who do not already have one.