What is GUest Access?

Graceland University GUest Access allows students to set up their parents, spouses, and other guests to view their academic, financial aid, and student account information online. Students are free to give this access to anyone they wish and remove it at any time. The information guests see is based on the pages the students use to look at their own information. This access also gives Graceland permission to talk to the guest by phone or in person about information that is protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. Rights under FERPA.

For Students

Where do I go to give GUest Access?

Go to and click on Students. You will need to sign in using your My Graceland username and password. Then click on Setup Guest Access. If available, this shows information about your parents and spouse. It also lists anyone you have already given guest access. People on this list do not have access unless you choose to give it to them. You may have granted access previously by filling out the paper authorization form. Click on edit to change the access for a person listed, or click on add a new person to add someone not already on your list.

How do I remove all access from someone?

Because the Setup Guest Access page gives access in two different ways, you’ll need to think about what access you want to remove. First it authorizes the offices to talk to the people you set up. This could be by phone or in person as well as online. Then the username and password gives your guest web access. If you don’t want someone to have any access to your information, you should change all the yes/no flags to no and blank out their username and password.

What information can someone see online if I set all the yes/no flags to no?

Guests with usernames and passwords who you do not grant access to your academic, financial aid, and student account information can still see generic information about students at Graceland, make payments online, and view your co-curricular record.

I’ve set up a guest but they can’t get in, what should I do?

Go to Setup Guest Access in My Graceland and edit their authorization. Make sure you’ve entered a username and password. We recommend entering an email address as this will send instructions to your guest and notify them when you change their access. If everything looks right and they still can’t get in, clicking on the Submit this information button will refresh their access.

For Guests

Where do I go online to get to GUest Access?

Go to and click on Guests. You will need to sign in using the username and password your student has given you.

I can’t see the information I’m interested in. How do I get more access?

Your student is in control of the type of information you can see. They can give you access to academic, financial aid, and student account information. If the student has given you access and you still can’t see what you’re looking for, email for academic information and for financial aid and student account information.

I forgot my GUest Access username or password. How do I get it?

Your GUest Access log in and the information you can see online using it is controlled by your student. If you have forgotten your GUest Access username or password, please talk to your student. Our staff is unable to look up or change your GUest Access username or password.

Can I combine GUest logins given to me by multiple students?

No. Each login gives you access to a single student. We regret the inconvenience this creates for guests of more than one student.


How do I give suggestions and comments?

Email for suggestions or comments about academic information and for suggestions or comments about financial aid or student account information.

What do I do if the page isn’t there?

From time to time we need to take My Graceland and GUest Access down to allow for system maintenance. Whenever possible we will make the page display an “under maintenance” message, but there are typically times during the process where no message can be displayed. If you get this message or don’t get the page at all, please just try again later.