Resetting Your Graceland Network Password
All employees, including certain student workers, are required to reset their Graceland network password every 90 days.

Your Graceland network password allows you to log in to:

  • Graceland-owned computers
  • Brightspace
  • MyGraceland
  • Library databases
Enrolling in Graceland's Single Sign On and Password Reset Tool
Visit to enroll by setting up security questions and answers. This will let you unlock your account or reset your password if you forget it without assistance from TechSupport.
Changing your password using Graceland's Single Sign On and Password Reset Tool
Once you have enrolled you can change your password or unlock your account. Select "Reset Password," answer your security questions, and change your password.
Password Criteria
Your password must meet all of the following criteria
  •  At least 7 characters long
  •  Beginning with a letter
  •  Contain at least one number (0-9)
  •  Contain at least one uppercase letter (A-Z)
  •  Contain at least one lowercase letter (a-z)
  •  Cannot be a password used in the past
  •  Cannot include 5 consecutive characters of a password used in the past
  •  Cannot contain part of your name

Password Security Tips

  • Avoid using words in dictionaries that aren't names
  • Using a sentence like 'In 2015 I started at Graceland' and using the first letters to 'I15IsaG' creates a strong password
Resetting Your Password Over The Phone
You can quickly have your password reset over the phone by calling Tech Support at 641-784-5400, Monday - Friday, 8am -5pm.
The password discussed on this page is Graceland's network password used only by current students and current employees .